It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: 4 Tips to Prepare Your Pooch for the Cooler Weather.

The double pluggers have been packed away and the trackies and uggies have been dusted off. Winter is well and truly here and just like humans, our furry friends also feel the change from sunshine to raining cats and dogs.

A lethargic or shivering pooch are both signs your dog is feeling the change, however, don’t let it get to that point for you to take action.

Here’s a few things your can do to ensure your best fur-iend stays warm during the colder months.

Walkies is a must.
Don’t let the shorter days effect your dogs daily exercise routine. If the darkness is a factor then invest in toys that a specifically made for night-time play. There are plenty of toys on the market with reflective or glow in the dark strips that are both durable and allow your dog to have some quality fetch time.

A cosy spot to sleep.
If you can, relocate your dogs bed to a warm area. If their bed is on the floor then make sure it is a quality bed that will ensure they stay warm when snoozing. Depending on what breed you have, give them a blanket they can burrow into.
If your pooch sleeps outside, make sure their kennel is out of the weather or has a flap on their door to stop the cold winds blowing on them during the night.

Keep them stimulated.
If you dog is inside more than normal due to rain or cold, make sure they have fun things to do that stimulate their doggy minds. This should hopefully steer them away from barking up the wrong tree aka chewing things they should not be chewing. Get them toys that they do not normally play with and pack them away after using. Or hide treats around the house so they can play their own little game of poochy treasure hunt.

Bathe our pooch less frequently in the Winter months.
Washing your pet too often can strip the protective oils causing dry, flaky and irritated skin.
When grooming, keep their coat a little longer too as this acts like a jumper for your dog. If your dog is short-haired or has a thin coat, invest in a doggy jumper. Kmart has some killer looks this winter at a fur-bulous price.

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