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The Notorious D.O.G. COLLAR

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The Notorious D.O.G collar is for the badass dogs.
No bones about it, the black and white skull print says 'Don't mess with me dawg'.
Next time you go barking up the wrong tree at the park...make sure you look good doing it.

  • Neoprene padding for extra comfort and quick-dry capabilities
  • Durable, printed polyester webbing strap
  • Black D-Ring for Leash attachment

    All collars are lined with soft neoprene which provides a soft layering of cushion and comfort around your dogs neck.

  • Includes:
    Adjustable Collar




    Polyester webbing + neoprene

    Shipping & Returns

    30 day return policy


    XS: 1.5*22-30cm

    S: 1.5*28-43cm

    M: 2.0*33-51cm